Schärding fish pass

The fish pass at the Inn power plant Schärding-Neuhaus will be designed by LIFE Blue Belt Danube Inn as a 3.5 km-long bypass river.

The Schärding-Neuhaus power plant

The VERBUND power plant Schärding-Neuhaus is a run-of-river power plant on the Inn and connects the municipalities of Schärding in Upper Austria and Neuhaus in Bavaria. The power plant, which generates 541,800 MWh of electricity annually, was put into operation in 1966. The fish pass will consist of a bypass river of 3.5 kilometres in length. The power plant will therefore be passable to more than just fish. The newly formed river habitat offers spawning grounds for fish, shelter for juvenile fish and a place of retreat for all forms of aquatic life.
About the Schärding-Neuhaus power plant