Fish pass Passau-Ingling

The Inn power plant Passau-Ingling will be made passable by the LIFE Blue Belt Danube Inn project with a technical fish pass.

Fish migration aid for the Passau-Ingling power station

The Passau-Ingling Inn power plant went into operation in 1966. It generates half a million kilowatt hours from hydropower every year, making it the third-largest VERBUND power plant on the border of the Inn. A basin pass is planned to overcome the 11 metre drop. This will allow fish to pass the power plant safely.

The picture shows an aerial view of the Passau-Inglings power station from the downstream side. The Inn is blue-green and therefore stands out strongly against the light and dark green meadows and forests to the left and right of the river. The course of the Inn can still be seen in the background, with forest and blue sky behind it.